Our Services

We provide capital and business services for our portfolio companies. Strong team supports business and service production. We are dealing with innovative companies, which are using networks, e-tools and new technologies when solving customer's problems.

Network first

In all our business consideration, networks comes first. Performance power, expertise, contacts and ideas, all are cumulating our assets. We provide needed services for our portfolio.

Creative Idea

Today in business, is not many better assets, than those people who are sharing with us creative, innovative ideas. Our work is to be available with good environment for growth

Enterprise Cloud

Instead of using public clouds, we are running own enterprise cloud and own datacenter for our businesses and projects. We like to stay on own bare metal solutions

Professional Services

During last two decades we have seen, that it is very critical to have time to think and imagination in active use. That's why we have people just only for that. Every one doesn't have so much time.

Business Development

In business development is needed more open-minded people and solutions, it is not only making new plans, rather completely new kind of structures. We are gateway for new.


Most of sales in our businesses are done over e-commerce platform. We are seeking to put all going that way. Of course face to face have still own value, but not needed in every deal.

About us

In many ways we are fuel tank for our businesses, not only just because of money, but experience, expertise, knowledge ang giving time to our people. Sharing important and innovative ideas. There is many type of assets in business, our work is to fill all tanks, not only wallet.

Innohill Ltd exists to provide professional business services and business information to companies on machinery industry so that they can develop and prosper. We are professional, competitive and competent in our service. We are implementing our goals through web shop and web based solutions.

Capital used


E-Commerce utilization rate


New Innovations implemented


Data Center capacity used


Our Portfolio

Here is some of our companies and projects to which we have invested in. You can see more about these by hovering mouse over photos


Machines and Spare Parts


Automated Building Solutions


Investments, deposits, dividends, interests

Business Services

Strong B2B business management solutions

Web Solutions

Organising business effectively and effeciently

Entrepreneur Exchange

Learning more by changing location


Media management, press matters

Your Tape Cut

Opening your own opportunity


When we speak about network in our business, we mean actually group of networks together. We have our own network, but many people are cooperating with us through social networks or some own professionals networks. Here you can read some words more about these networks we are using.

Innohill Network

Our machinery agents, assistants and other team members.

Social networks

We are involved and use social networks many ways in our business

Machinery networks

Machinery agents and professionals have own networks

Web professionals networks

Programmers, web marketers, solution providers have many networks


Direct Network Contacts


Connected over Desktop


Connected over Phone


Connected over our Cloud

For Investors

Innohill Ltd is private company, owned by many shareholders from different countries. We take sometimes new shareholders and if you are already registered with us, you can find all information from our intranet. If you are not yet registered and want to know all details, please use contact form and apply your login details.

Because we are not public company, we don't publish here our financial information or offers for new shareholders, you need first to be registered with us.

Contact Us

Our people and portfolio companies are located in many different countries. Here you find main address and contact details, please use contact form if you need to know more about our locations or other contact details