Because our HR are mainly entrepreneurs, we are interested about mindset of our people, how they focus on different areas. A Person’s mindset is their view of the world. It is their biggest asset in sales and relationship building. Positive mindset breads a positive attitude and creates positive results. This mindset is formed by deep beliefs and values about the world for that person.


In business, on the platform or without, results count and we can't avoid to link good results to positive thinking. The foundation of person's attitude is the beliefs and values person hold. Positive attitude actually means approaching life’s challenges with a positive outlook. It is surely one important feature we are seeking for. It's not all, but good cornerstone.



Person must set goals high enough, but reachable. It is important to us to understand is person focusing more on money making or value creation ? We see it so that the biggest difference in entrepreneurship and business is what happens within person and there value creation comes in play. It is a personal and inner choice you must make before you start, or you are likely to fail.