History of Innohill Ltd

Innohill Ltd has been reorganized and re-registered as a holding company of the previous businesses, which began in 1974. The Innohill team manages today company ownerships by experience of many decades. During these decades there have been more than one hundred companies and many countries and continents. There have been operations in various forms and in several companies. The operation began on machinery field and later on, according customers needs, there came came ICT solutions along activities. Same way, when trade was growing, needed financial solutions. By time different business services and ICT solutions development was leading to situation where we are now, biggest part of operations are services, which all are more or less connected to ICT.

Innohill Ltd subsidiaries are now more service providers for traders, than trading businesses. During past, Innohill Ltd have experienced many changes and transformations in own business. Last year was bringing us again to new era, which is going to have many new opportunities, based on the experience of past.