IT and Services

Network and mobile services are the most important functions at the moment, as they enable the automation of operational processes that is in high demand right now. That is why they are the most valuable part of the operations and subsidiaries we own.
Other Business Services are still important and especially now that we can provide them as automated processes and remote services from our service centre.


The end users of the machines are one of the most important target groups for our productized services. We know the processes in the machine industry well and we know the bottlenecks that are haunting us today.

With the services of our group, we can offer considerable advantages, especially in the procurement of spare parts for machines.


The team also has construction-related expertise and we can offer new types of services for construction and not just for building a house, but for what we call housing design. Our subsidiaries can be of help to anyone who is planning to build their own house even when the house is just a delicate dream. That’s why we focus on owning companies that can add value to construction.