Think Tank

Innohill Ltd have own senior level team, which forms our think tank, but what is that?

​​​​​​​ We can simply understand think tank as a group of people who are paid (or pro bono) to do nothing but read, discuss, think, and write. This is quite often related to NGO organisations, but we focus on creating, promoting and commercializing innovations used in SME businesses.

Innohill think tank challenges conventional thinking and helps manage strategic transitions to the future by exploiting new technologies and innovations

Our mission is to build an economy that works for everyone by advancing digitalisation and usery of web technology based solutions that promote new business opportunities, good remote jobs and a dignified, economically safe, life for all.

Innohill think tank works to advance an open source platforms and modules, open sharing of information and tools by active engagement in the war of ideas, by participating in discussions in developer teams and events and creating and maintaining own networks by open principal.