Future Business Models

The business solutions of the future will be built on new
​​​​​​​technology, but on top of traditional business

What We Do

Direct Investments

We invest in companies and businesses on our platform. We aren't a general investment company for every field, but we take care of our platform players by investments in capital, social capital, expertise and networks. While fueling up our platform, we use own and our stakeholders capital. Sometimes we use investors, but we are not dependent on any investor, bank or financial institution.

Asset Management

Every player on our platform is important to us, like a crown jewel. Therefore, good asset management is a critical factor and therefore Innohill Ltd is an active owner that closely monitors all subsidiaries and businesses. We want to keep the wheels rolling in to the right direction. The main part of our assets are intangible, so we are developing e-tools for those untouchable matters. .

Strategy Planning

Every Innohill Ltd's subsidiary has got own basic strategy before company was set up. In the platform economy we have not so many permanent matters, life is changing and business must follow. We are doing ongoing planning and preparing our players for upcoming challenges and changes by drawing up a road map based on a clear strategy and tactics enough for different situations.

Our networks reach partners

+ 100


We have experience from

+ 120


We have locations

+ 10


How We Work


We focus on networks. The core network consist of our platform players, but we take advantage of many overlapping networks. The nature and goal of Innohill Ltd's subsidiaries are not to be "Fortune 500 company", but instead to be strong through networks, where the number of players is more than 500. By network capital we can ensure, that all our players can get out of the garage stage. .


We have a proven system for achieving success, which is based on e-tools and e-working. People in our subsidiaries are immensely proud of what their teams do, advancing human's and technology to improve the quality of life worldwide. But we believe how they do it really count. They have no such thing as "business as usual". This all today is possible by using e-tools in e-work.


We believe in a 2-way communication process, sharing, visibility and win-win situations. We created our new online system to communicate with you before, during and after common tasks,to be cooperative. Just like the spices that make a great dish - quality content and resources make all the difference! That's the fruit of cooperation and that's how we work with our partners.